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We’re here to help you build your business and grow your impact so you can focus on the things that ignited your passion in the first place.

About us

The team of digital-nerds behind agency x

With a background in small business and a passion for helping others succeed, we’ve been able to achieve some pretty cool success stories.

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Our Process

Creating a strong foundation for sustainable growth

We operate a simple model. We don’t want any ‘unknowns’ and we want you to feel the same.

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1. Discover

Before we begin any project, we first obsess over the customer. We believe it’s important to empathize with the customer and build a relationship that allows us to understand what the greatest impact on their life will be.

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2. Define and Develop

Next, we look to define clear goals and develop a strategic plan to achieve them. Whether it be a marketing strategy, brand bible, or website wireframe, we guide you along on the intimate journey from idea to concept to realization.

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3. Execute

Lastly, we put our money where our mouth is and begin delivering serious results. Tunnel vision focus is applied to your business goals and strategic plan as we achieve lasting scale, growth, and success with your brand.

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Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

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Anthony Cabraal
edmund hillary fellowship

“I’ve always found agency x easy to work with...”

They quickly grasp strategic opportunities and direction and have been responsive in setting up systems and processes to keep our ‘business as usual’ work flowing without issue.

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Sarah Nally
Wonder and Wander; asb

“agency x is outstanding with a mix of creativity, design, and execution..."

They are one of those rare jack of all trades and master of many who can take complex problems and provide elegant and sustainable solutions (all with a smile!)

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Xanthe Garahy
Soda inc

“Results have been exceptional so far. Highly recommend...”

Working with the team feels like we have a full marketing department in-house.

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Stephen Dallow
Barfoot & thompson

“Since switching to Agency X to manage our social media weekly campaigns it has not only increased traffic to our sites but removed hours of work from my week....”

Matt and his team customise what we need to meet our requirements and constantly advise of any suggestions or changes that would help us reach out target audience. They go above and beyond for us and always meet the very tight turn around requirements we give them.  I highly recommend them for anyone wanting a modern, vibrant but caring approach to their social media.

Rocket Agency Helped Us To Reach Our Ambitious Marketing Goals - Rocket X Webflow Template
Doug Shephard

“AgencyX helped us fill a gap in our team's skillset with ease..."

We needed a designer to help with marketing materials and so I reached out to Matt who has a history of great design and he sorted everything. All it took from me was a brief and a timeline and his team got to work. The speed, quality, and communication were superb. I would highly recommend Agency X to anyone who needs help for something that their team doesn't cover, or if you just need more hands on deck. They slot in easily and produce great results.